By June 15 Issue the call for applications (posters are posted)
By September 15 Application Deadline.
By September 30 Trust Director shall submit a summary of applications to the CAP-CIP Committee. Applicants shall receive a notification on receipt of application
By October 15 CAP/CIP Committee completes preliminary review of applications.
By October 30 The applications will be presented by the applicants to the NCN members before the CAP/CIP Committee. Applicants will be contacted via letter or email on date of meeting. Community meeting to hear presentations by applicants
By November 15 CAP-CIP Committee to recommend projects and budgets to Chief & Council. Trust Director will present recommended budget & Annotation Summary proposed budget to Chief & Council.
By December 15 Chief & Council will formally adopt the 2017 Nisichawayasihk & Taskinigahp (CAP-CIP) budgets pursuant to Article 8.5 of the Nisi Trust Indenture and Article 8.8 of the Task Trust Indenture subsequent to the CAP/CIP meeting.
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