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The purpose of the Northern Flood Agreement is to provide compensation to northern communities affected by flooding as a result of Manitoba Hydro Projects (Churchill River Diversion). The NFA was signed in 1977 by the Government of Canada, the Government of Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro and the Northern Flood Committee Inc. that represents Cross Lake, Nelson House, Norway House, Split Lake and York Factory First Nations.

The first comprehensive settlement was reached with Split Lake in 1992. Agreement was subsequently reached with York Factory and Nelson House in 1996 and with Norway House in 1997. These agreements release Canada, Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro from NFA claims for compensation from individual First Nations and their members. The First Nations are responsible for dealing with their individual members with respect to certain types of claims. The agreements provide for monetary and land compensation for outstanding claims. Trusts controlled by the individual First Nations will manage and allocate the compensation funds received from the federal government, the province, and Manitoba Hydro


The purpose of the Claims Program is to compensate individual Members of NCN for damages caused by the Churchill River Diversion Project, which was ratified through the 1996 Nelson House NFA Implementation Agreement.

Manitoba Hydro is responsible for certain types of claims (i.e., personal injury or death, illness caused by mercury contamination or poisoning, etc).While other claims can be paid directly by the claim office out of Trust moneys. NCN Members may make a claim for direct or indirect losses attributable to the CRD project (i.e., loss or damage to boats, outboard/inboard motors, snowmobiles, etc.).

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