Multi Year Survey Planning 2009
Today many "First Nations" are in the process of nation re-building, re-building the social, cultural, economic and political foundations for what is left of self-governance.  First nations seek to re-build cultural identities as nations in order to challenge their disintegration by others in the creation of their own states. Association of First Nations National Chief Matthew Coon cited the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development (released in 2001 by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard) proposal of a Nation Building Model of Economic Development. The project defined Nation-building as: "Equipping First Nations with the institutional foundation necessary to increase their capacity to effectively assert self-governing powers on behalf of their own economic, social and cultural objectives." [2] The study identified four core elements of a nation building model:
  1. Genuine self rule (First Nations making decisions about resource allocations, project funding and development strategy),
  2. Creating effective governing institutions (non-politicized dispute resolution mechanisms and getting rid of corruption),
  3. Cultural match (giving first nations institutions legitimacy in the eyes of their citizens), and
  4. The need for a strategic orientation (long-term planning)

Why the research studies

Statistics collected during 2006 national census speak volumes to plan for sustainable future. Analysis of these statistics summarizes the general facts and identifies areas where the improvement is needed but in order to gain in depth knowledge and understanding of the problem, closer look was required. Any solution of the existing problem must come from within the community, with this approach in mind, sitting Chief  & Council decided to get back to the general membership of the band for setting long term goals for the nation. For this purpose in early 2009, after consultations with leadership of the community, elders and key members of NCN departments and agencies, Taskinigahp Trust director was asked to allocate resources for scientific study that can suggest solutions which in the minds of NCN members can make things better in the years to come. A survey was designed and NCN members regardless of their age, gender or educational level were asked to actively participate in the process by responding to the questions asked in the survey, identify focus areas and priories goals for strategic orientation.

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