Taskinigahp Trust Office
  • The Taskinigahp Trust

    The Trust created in conjunction with the Wuskwatim Project provides for a Community Involvement Process abbreviated as CIP to decide how the funds available will be spent for maximum benefits of the community. Both trusts allocate funds every year to support a variety of community projects and programs. Funding applications are reviewed and discussed at one or more public information meetings to determine their consistency with the established criteria of the Trusts, and long term NCN priorities.

    The Taskinigahp Trust was established as part of the PDA to hold various Moneys derived from the Wuskwatim Generation Project including Adverse Effects Proceeds, Transmission Development Fund payments, TPC profits and dividends and dividend loans. The trust contains different accounts and funds including: Transmission Development Fund, Seven Generations Account, Seven Generation Growth Account, Resource Account, Resource Growth Account and the Community Development Account. Chief and Council have delegated the Trust Office to administer the trust and conduct the Community Involvement Process that is held jointly with the Nisichawayasihk Trust Community Approval Process.

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